NATURMEGA S.A. is a socially responsible company that is committed to ensuring the integral well-being of its collaborators through the application of the following guidelines:
  • We define, apply, and monitor our values and ethical principles.
  • We respect the rights of workers, human rights, diversity, and promote equal opportunities, guaranteeing safe and healthy work conditions. We ensure the free choice of employment, non-discrimination, free association, negotiation, and labor participation.
  • We support the community in our areas of influence with sustainable and measurable programs that guarantee harmonious development.
  • We comply with our Comprehensive Management System, as well as with the legal, regulatory, and normative requirements applicable to operations related to the production and marketing processes of our products.
  • We establish open and direct communication with our audiences.

We are proud members of Friend of the Sea, an international trademark registered in humanitarian and environmental conservation missions. This reaffirms our commitment to respect and protect the marine environment, assuring responsible fishing operations and sustainability of the resources.


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