Events 2022

Naturmega announces participation in 2022 trade shows.

Events 2021

Naturmega announces participation in 2021 trade shows.

We achieved the HALAL recertification seal

Naturmega recently obtained the HALAL recertification seal issued by the Ibero-American Institute, which indicates that it is allowed by the Islamic religion and that includes issues related to hygiene and health. This achievement makes Naturmega the only company with this certification in Colombia, which develops innovative solutions with a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA for pharmaceutical and nutritional use.

Naturmega thinks Digital

In order to achieve a better relationship with our stakeholders and to continue growing in our digital transformation, Naturmega launches a new communication channel through its Linked In profile, a social network that allows generating news, generating conversations around topics of interest and establish links with different teams in the sector.

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