Raw Materials

We are committed with high quality and purity products, to fulfill the expected benefit

Advanced Technology

Our State-Of-The-Art technology allows us to produce high quality Omega-3 concentrates

Corporate Social Responsibility

Naturmega is committed to promote products for healthy culture and contribute with human health

Our Certifications

Convinced of the importance of operating with an Integral Quality System and the benefits it provides to an organization, we are committed to the development of each one of the objectives set for this purpose and the constant pursuit of Continuous Improvement of the processes to comply with applicable laws and regulations, promoting secure international trade, preventing risks and improving our performance in relation to Quality, Environment, Safety and Control.

Contact Us

  • Address: Vía 40 No. 80-131
  • Barranquilla - Colombia
  • PBX: +(60) 5 371-9773
  • Sales: +(60) 5 371-9784 – 371-9770
  • Suppliers and Payments:
  • (+60) 5 3719791
  • Ethics Line: 01800-752-2222


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