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Naturmega was the first manufacturing facility for high concentration Omega-3 EPA /DHA in the Latin America. Our strategic location in Barranquilla, the largest industrial city in the north coast of Colombia, allows to have access to numerous maritime shipping ports which permit us to guarantee an easy and safe international economic activity. We are experts in designing, manufacturing, and selling innovative and natural products for pharmaceutical and nutritional use. 

Our Commitment



Our mission is the design, manufacture and marketing of natural products, innocuous, with application, in the pharmaceutical sector and dietary supplements that satisfy the needs of the international market, supported by state-of-the-art technology, competent human talent and a safe work culture, guaranteeing profitability and sustainability under the social responsibility approach.



By the year 2025, be one of the best options in the international market as a manufacturer of innovative and differentiated natural products with application in the pharmaceutical and dietary supplements sector.

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Friend-of-the-Sea-lg.pngNaturmega believes that our products should not only bring benefits to our customers, but also contribute to the protection of the environment. We are proud member of Friend of the Sea.

Friend of the Sea is an international trademark registered in the humanitarian and environmental conservation mission. This reaffirms our commitment to respect and protect the marine environment, assuring responsible fishing operations and sustainability of the resources.

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  • Address: Vía 40 No. 80-131
  • Barranquilla - Colombia
  • PBX: +(60) 5 371-9773
  • Sales: +(60) 5 371-9784 – 371-9770
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  • Ethics Line: 01800-752-2222


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