C. I NATURMEGA SA, informs that the personal data it collects in execution of its commercial purpose will be treated in a reliable and secure manner in accordance with its Privacy Policy, which can be accessed through the following link https://naturmega.com/privacy-policy, for the following purposes:

1. Treatment and Purpose:
The treatment, which includes the collection, storage, use, circulation, deletion, which will be carried out by C.I NATURMEGA S.A. With the information collected, it will have the following purposes:

  • Carry out activities related to the development of its corporate purpose in the matter of manufacturing, marketing, scientific research and product innovation in the nutritional and pharmaceutical field, without prejudice to other related and complementary activities.
  • Comply with the obligations derived from the contractual relationships that are established with the owner of the data that are part of its interest groups;
  • Bring traceability to products manufactured and / or marketed when appropriate;
  • Comply with the obligations of the law;
  • Develop electronic commerce activities and to carry out business intelligence actions, customer prospects, market trends in relation to the personal information that is provided by the owner of the data;
  • Inform about commercial conditions and communicate advertising information;
  • Relationship with stakeholders;
  • Communicate information about training and / or academic activities;
  • Scientific news and research, report on academic conferences, congresses and / or activities related to the pharmaceutical sector;
  • Activities of commercial and marketing management that allow the execution of the corporate purpose;
  • Corporate social responsibility activities;
  • Among other actions derived from the execution of its commercial purpose.

It is also reported that personal data may be delivered safely and under the direction of C.I NATURMEGA S.A to related companies, suppliers and contractors, and will be managed in a secure infrastructure by C.I NATURMEGA S.A. and / or its Managers, confidentially and will not be transferred to third parties without the prior authorization of the owner.

For the exercise of Habeas Data, the owner of the personal data or who demonstrates a legitimate interest as indicated in the current regulations, may do so through the following email: habeasdata@naturmega.com.co web link: https://naturmega.com/privacy-policy or by directing a communication to HABEAS DATA NATURMEGA at the following physical address: Calle 80 No. 78B - 201 in the city of Barranquilla, telephone 371-9000. Whoever exercises habeas data must provide with precision the contact information requested in order to process, attend and respond to your request and deploy the charges for the exercise of their rights.

2. Rights of the holder:
As the owner of information, you have the right to:

  • Free access to the data provided that have been processed.
  • Exercise your Habeas Data right consisting of knowing, updating, rectifying your personal information. You can also oppose and cancel your data and personal information in those cases where appropriate.
  • Evidence of the existence of the consent granted, unless there is legal authorization for the treatment or it is carried out within the framework of a contract.
  • Exercise the actions that the law recognizes regarding the protection of personal data and habeas data and submit complaints to the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC) for infractions of the provisions of current regulations, only in the cases that are appropriate, to delete the data or revoke the authorization granted for its treatment.

3. Mechanisms to know the changes that may be presented in the Privacy Policy or the Privacy Notice
If you require more information about the changes that occur in our Privacy Policy and / or in our Privacy Notice, you will find it published at the following link: www.naturmega.com/habeasdata; in which you can carry out the query of your interest.

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