In order to achieve a better relationship with our stakeholders and to continue growing in our digital transformation, Naturmega launches a new communication channel through its Linked In profile, a social network that allows generating news, generating conversations around topics of interest and establish links with different teams in the sector.

The covid-19 situation has generated an exponential growth of digital platforms, achieving greater and better response to expectations in real time. In particular Linked In, presented in the last year an exponential growth of more than 30 million users and 31% engagement, so for the Naturmega team it is a priority to achieve an outstanding presence in this type of scenario.

Linked In contributes considerably to achieve timely communication with clients, suppliers, and other actors; and, to the generation of alliances not only in the five continents that Naturmega currently reaches, but also in other geographies. The company is working to promote our innovative solutions with a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA for pharmaceutical and nutritional use in different channels.