Naturmega is a proud member of the Global Organization (GOED) for EPA and DHA Omega-3’s since 2009.  We are committed to its strict quality and ethical standards.  We support global education efforts for consumers, media, and healthcare professionals regarding the importance of EPA and DHA Omega-3’s. We are an active member participating in the technical, regulatory, scientific, and communication committees.  All GOED members sign an affidavit when joining the membership agreeing to comply with their Code of Ethics and the GOED Voluntary Monograph. GOED has two compliance programs: a randomized testing program and a claims enforcement program. A company or individual can make an allegation to GOED that one member is not adhering to the Code of Ethics.  Marketing products that are not compliant with the GOED Voluntary Monograph can result in a process for allegations of non-compliance as defined by GOED's board and legal counsel.




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