In naturmega, the combinationof advanced technological manufacturing processes such as transesterification, molecular distillation, and crystallization, ensures a product with much less saturated fatty acids than those processed with other traditional techniques.


Molecular distillation is a process in which a mixture is heated to produce the evaporation of the more volatile components, which are later cooled and condensed, producing a distillate with less volatile components, and therefore, less saturated fat.
Molecular distillation is a process that works under strong vacuum. It is a used to separate components in heat sensitive materials, with a high boiling point atmospheric pressure, it uses absolute pressures of 0.001 mbar.
The molecular distillation plant is used in the distillation of Fatty Acids from fish oil in order to concentrate the omega-3 Fatty Acids EPA and DHA using temperatues  below 120ºC to avoid any deterioration in its original molecular structure. This minimizes the presence of trans fatty acids, which have been proven to be harmful to humans


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