Naturmega´s quality assurance system maintains traceability at all stages of the manufacturing process, to ensure that  all the links in the chain that conform the system, operate under strict quality fundamentals designed to meet the needs of both internal and external customers. Our quality system starts from our customers needs and expectations and then this information is integrated with the internal processes to deliver final products and services of excellent quality. continuous improvement of our processes is the fundamental basis for achieving the quality objectives associated with productivity, competitiveness, and profitability of the business.

The most important raw material for our process is fish oil, so we buy it base don demanding quality specifications endorsed by International Certifying Surveyors such as SGS. Our fish oil comes from different species of deep-water fish from the Peruvian coasts, considered the cleanest in the world, which translates to lower levels of pollutants such as heavy metals, pesticides (PBC, dioxins, etc); in general, lower levels of persistent organic pollutants (POP).
This strict control continues during the manufacturing process, where traceability is ensured by keeping records of the operation and quality variables of each batch produced (Batch Record).


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